Friday, January 1, 2010

Bye, bye 2009. Hello, 2010!

Wow, it's 2010 already. Dang! Before we close the lid on 2009, I thought I'd sum up what the year brought us. Here goes...

Eagles Year in Review: 2009

Takamine puts out a Glenn Frey Signature Guitar; Eagles play some dates in the South.

February: "I Dreamed There Was No War" wins a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental.

March: Eagles play some dates in Canada and the Midwest.

April: Timothy B. Schmit plays with Poco for the first time in decades at the Stagecoach Festival.

May: Eagles play "Race to Erase MS" benefit; Don Henley does a few solo shows in Florida and Oklahoma.

June: Very Best of Don Henley CD/DVD released; Eagles tour Europe.

July: Clear Channel launches Eagles Radio hosted by Joe Walsh; Eagles continue touring in Europe and the United Kingdom.

October: Timothy B. Schmit's album Expando is released and he begins his first solo tour EVER. He also gets an official MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

November: Don Henley plays a spate of solo dates with an "autumnal" theme.

December: Eagles announce first-ever dates at the Hollywood Bowl, set to take place in April; more California dates forthcoming.

Here's hoping 2010 brings even more Eagles highlights... like a summer tour with Fleetwood Mac! :: crossing fingers ::

Happy New Year!

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