Sunday, September 16, 2018

Update on The Border

Well, I've figured out what's wrong, and it's not an easy fix when you're an amateur like I am. I've spent several hours over the last few days working on the code when I have a chance. I could just reinstall the message board but I'm afraid I'll lose all our customizations and perhaps (God forbid) something could happen to corrupt our databases, so that is a last resort. I have decided that if I can't fix it myself by the end of the month, I'll reinstall. We'll have a message board, one way or another, by then.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Border Down

During a recent server transfer, the code of our message board, The Border, was corrupted. I hope to be able to fix it and restore everything, but first I have to figure out how.  Since I am going out of town Thursday and won't be back until Monday night, the board may not be back online for a while. Please just keep checking back here and I will post updates when I have them.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Remix of "Part of Me, Part of You" Released

A newly remixed, considerably shortened version of "Part of Me, Part of You" is now available as a digital download on Amazon.

Friday, March 16, 2018

New Glenn Frey Compilation Available Now

Exciting news! A new Glenn Frey compilation entitled Above The Clouds: The Collection is available now!

The following is culled from Glenn Frey's official Facebook:


Celebrate the very best of Glenn Frey’s solo career with a stunning four-disc 3 CD/ DVD box set, Above The Clouds: The Collection, out May 11, 2018. Above the Clouds compiles the key elements of Frey’s music both before and after the Eagles became international superstars, showcasing the broad range and wide influence of the Detroit-bred singer-songwriter. 

The first disc features The Very Best of Glenn Frey and is chock-full of major chart hits. Disc 2 explores the classics from his catalog, while the third disc highlights his early output with longtime friend JD Souther, known as Longbranch Pennywhistle making its digital debut. The final disc, is a live DVD culled from a performance at the National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland in 1992 on the Strange Weather tour.

Fans who pre-order digitally will instantly receive downloads of “Lyin Eyes / Take It Easy” medley and “The Heat is On”.

Order now:


There is a longer description as well as a tracklisting on Amazon.

What a treat for Glenn Frey fans!

Also on his Facebook is this fantastic promotional video:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

"Hotel California" deluxe 40th anniversary re-release in November 2017

A special deluxe edition of edition of Hotel California is being released in November of 2017, according to the LA Times. It comes in three versions: a remastered version of the album ($10), a remastered version of the album and a live CD with ten unreleased live tracks ($20), and then there's the REALLY deluxe version: all of the above plus a Blu-Ray audio of the album and an "11 x 11 hardbound book, rare and unseen photos from the era, a replica tour book, and an 11 x 22 poster" ($100). For more details, visit the official site.