Friday, August 1, 2008

Eagles News from Joe's Online Chat

Well, in spite of quite a few technical difficulties, Joe hosted a very entertaining live online chat tonight. We got an extra treat because Timothy joined him for the second half of the chat. It was very cute because in spite of both Joe and Tim wearing eyeglasses, they were unable to read or keep up with the questions that fans were asking. At one point, Joe even lent Tim his glasses to see if Tim could see better, but it didn't help. lol

And now for some Eagles-related highlights. Both Joe and Tim agreed that making Long Road Out of Eden was a "long and painful process". The Long Road Out of Eden tour will likely last at least another year. For the remainder of this year, the band will tour the midwest in September and will tour again in November. The November dates are unannounced, of course. Joe doesn't know when any west coast dates will be announced. Tim said not to quote him, but the band may possibly play some Florida dates in the winter months. In 2009, the tour will probably resume in January. They will not be in Australia in January as previously rumored, but are likely to visit there sometime next year, along with New Zealand and Japan. There are no plans to tour Europe again at this time. Regarding the suits that the band is wearing during their live shows, Joe repeated that he doesn't like them. Tim said that they are hot and that he feels "refreshed" when he removes his jacket.

I will be adding information to Joe Walsh Online and Timothy B. Schmit Online later this evening regarding details about their solo efforts so be sure to check them out. Way to go guys - that was an awesome hour!

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