Saturday, November 10, 2007

Eagles Weekend Updates

Now that I have a bit more time, here's some more various updates:

You can catch photos of the Eagles' recent appearance at the CMAs here and here. I've also added some more photos to the Long Road Out of Eden gallery.

Read another interview with the guys in the LA Times. If you have trouble accessing it, the text has been posted here.
Another interview with Don can be found in The Telegraph.

Reviews of the CMAs
You can find a snippet about the Eagles' performance at
The Chronicle Herald also has a photo.

Review of London Show
You can read a review of the recent show in London in the Telegraph.

Maleah made a nice wallpaper which can be found here.

Fan LA Concert Reviews
Two fans sent me reviews of the LA shows: "Ordinary Average Guy" and Jim

Album Reviews
Lots more of these.
The Plain Dealer
The Scotsman
The Age
USA Today
Chicago Tribune
Entertainment Weekly
The Star Online

Whew! That's it for now!

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