Monday, October 22, 2007

Capital Gold Long Road Out of Eden Preview

Guys, sorry for the confusion about the posting of the radio show yesterday. I (Nancy) just got back from out of town. We will not be posting it in MP3 form on this site.

It can be found in the Capital Gold archive by doing the following (click on the direction for illustration of step): 1) Go to the Capital Gold Player 2) Click on the middle tab that says "Listen Again". 3) You will see a menu on the right-hand side. Scroll down. 4) Select the option entitled "Last 7 Days: The Classic Album Show". It should play the entire show - 3 hours. The Eagles are the last hour. I presume this program will not be available after 7 days past the air date, so listen to it while you can. Then, prepare to buy the album which at that point will be on the verge of release!

My thanks to the folks who tried to record this and send it to me, though, and the folks who tried to upload it themselves in order to share it. Your efforts are appreciated.

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