Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Billboard Interview with Joe and more info on the new CD!

Billboard.com has an interview with Joe with Joe stating that the Eagles album is "almost out, we are just finishing vocals and mixing it. We're all finally signing off on it." Joe also states that the band plans to tour extensively in 2008 and that the songs on the album "go in some really, really new different directions".

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome to Eagles Online Central!

Hello! Welcome to our new Eagles site. It's designed with the idea of bringing together the network of Eagles Online sites: GlennFreyOnline, DonHenleyOnline, TimothyBSchmitOnline, JoeWalshOnline, and when they're finished, RandyMeisnerOnline, BernieLeadonOnline, and DonFelderOnline. With this new centralized site, if you'd like to download all of the Eagles stuff on any of the member sites, you can do so from one place. If you'd like to look up any Eagles lyrics, they're all here. The site's search engine is designed to search not only the main site, but all the member sites.

For those of you who've already perused the member sites, you'll have seen most of these photos, articles, and downloads before. However, doing an Eagles site has given me a chance to expand upon generalized information related to the Eagles, as you can see when you take a peek at All About the Eagles. I plan to add more as time allows.

This site is a pretty ambitious project and it may take a long time to get it all together, but I wanted to go ahead and open this now. I am going to be enlisting the aid of all the webmistresses of the various member sites to keep it current. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me.

So... after all that...

Enjoy your visit to Eagles Online Central!